In January 2021 the course “Advanced Studies in HRM” will be organised again. This course is highly recommended for PhD students in the fields of HRM and Organisational Behaviour. It offers participants the chance to learn about the latest developments in research about HRM and enables them to connect to their peers.

The course offers advanced insights into theories and models in the field of HRM and focuses on individuals and groups in organizations and work settings. The core focus is on individuals and groups in organizations and work settings, the utilization of human resources, and the economic and social environment impinging on organizations and human resources.

The course will start in January and will exist of nine sessions of about three hours. These sessions will be hosted by several members of the Dutch HRM Network board. Given the Covid-19 pandemic and the current restrictions, all sessions will take place online this time around.

The course is organised by Prof. Dorien Kooij and Dr. Christina Meyers (Course Coordinator) of Tilburg University. More information about this course (including the new syllabus) and other HRM programmes can be found here.