Human Resource Management (HRM) is a broad field of knowledge about how to deal with human resources in contemporary organizations. This process involves understanding, managing and developing the potential of people. Furthermore, it is about keeping colleagues motivated, involved, and capable of contributing to innovation and positive change, thereby shaping your organization’s strategy and impacting society. The universities associated with the Dutch HRM Network would like to draw your attention to their unique study programs about how to deal with this field of research.

Below you can also find information about the PhD course “Advanced Studies in HRM”.

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Advanced Studies in HRM

The aim of this course is to offer advanced insights into theories and models in the field of HRM. The core focus is on individuals and groups in organizations and work settings, the utilization of human resources, and the economic and social environment impinging on organizations and human resources. The faculty’s broad expertise range – from micro to macro – enables us to offer the PhD students an advanced programme which highlights the employment relationship as a core concept connected to a range of related (sub-) disciplines.

The preliminary course syllabus of the 2023 course can be found here. Information about the last year’s 2022 course is available here

The course covers many important and interesting topics within the HRM field. The variety of topics gives the PhD students a very good and insightful overview of the field