Workplace Interventions


Van der Kruijssen. Van Woerkom, Kooij & Van Veldhoven Why one day is online the other in terms of workload, energy, and need for recovery: The role of strength and interests crafting
Botke & Van Woerkom The effect of a self-leadership training on detached concern and the proactivity of human service professionals
Van Waeyenberg, De Winne, Brebels & Marescaux Can I-deals engage employees by alleviating job insecurity and over qualification concerns?
Van der Kruijssen, Van Veldhoven, Van Woerkom & Kooi The dynamics of energetic resources and job crafting behaviour
Schouteten & Den Ouden Testing the effectiveness of a workload intervention in academia

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 13: Crafting resilient workers: The role of workplace interventions