Resilience and Meaningful Work

RA 2502

Salimi & Frigotto Resilience capabilities, teamwork and firm innovation in small and medium firms
Wandycz-Mejias Employee resilience: The roles of inclusive leadership and employee motivation
Lysova & Schulze Schleithoff I know how you can help me!: Exploring workers’ view the role of others in maintaining experiences of meaningful work when those are harmed?
Van de Voorde & Van Etten Meaningfulness at work: A workload-moderated process linking training, compensation, and involvement to organizational citizenship behavior
Garmendia, Aldekoa, Elorza, Shin & Uribetxeberria Coherence is key: Development of HRM systems in cooperative companies

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 07: The role of HRM in creating meaningfulness and resilience at work
Building: Ravelijn