Imagining the (Distant) Future of Work


Wolffgramm & Corporaal - What Operators Need to Design Their Human-Cobot Collaboration: An Experiment on Decision Latitude and Educational Background
Habraken, Berx, Dessers & Pintelon - The impact of cobots on work design (over time)
Fuchs – Effects of digital communication on organizational structure
Diaz-Fernandez, Rivera-Prieto & Lopez-Cabrales – HR competencies: The link between digital transformation and social sustainability
Harrison, McKinlay & Procter - The role of employee voice in shaping resilient work futures: A qualitative study of trade union perspectives and worker representation in technological and workplace change

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am
45 max
Track 01: Imagining the (distant) future of work
Building: Carré