Employee Outcomes and Empowerment


Edelbroek, Coun, Peters & Blomme Fostering long term innovative work behaviour during a pandemic: The mediating role of shared leadership in the relationship between empowering and directive leadership and innovative work behaviour
Edelmann, Fransen, and Boen The power of empowerment
Tuteleers, De Winne, Wille & Schollaert The interplay between HR practices, job design and leadership in determining employees' well-being and firm performance
Villajos & Tordera The role of ethical leadership in the relationship between sustainable HR practices and employee well-being
Ali, Decramer, Schollaert & Audenaert Performance management and teaching performance: The role of leader member exchange (LMX)

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 17: Unraveling the symbiotic relationship in People Management: how do leadership behaviors and HR practices combine in affecting employees?
Building: Carré