Employee Engagement and Well-Being

RA 2502

Akgul, De Winne, Van den Broeck, Baillien, Godderis, De Feyterl The relationship between job design and firm performance: The mediating role of aggregate engagement and burn-out
Bailey, Kooij, de Reuver, Kupper Personal and work-related factors in workplace stress and physical health outcomes: A scoping review
Clauss, García Carbonell & Martín Alcázar Perceptions of HRM practices and employee well-being: Examining the role of employees’ personality traits
Stirpe & Revilla The challenge of keeping employees engaged: Exploring the benefits of tenure-differentiated high-performance work systems

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 07: The role of HRM in creating meaningfulness and resilience at work
Building: Ravelijn