Courchesne, Stynen, Semeijn & Caniëls New ways of fostering job mobility and sustainable employability in inter-organisational networks: A qualitative, explorative study on their functioning
Kerti, Kroon, Van Engen, Freese & Bleijenbergh Migrant Workers’ Perceived Employability in the Warehouse Distribution Sector: The Importance of Resources in Navigating the Impact of Career Shocks
Pak, Renkema & Van der Kruijssen Technology and successful aging: a powerful connection or a deadly combination?
Scheers, Forrier & De Cuyper A multi-logical approach on gender norms and labour market activation of vulnerable stay-at-home mothers: A case study

Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 05: Individual, contextual, and temporal influences on resilience as a foundation for career sustainability
Building: Carré