Building Resilient Professionals


Solms, Van Vianen, Koen, Kan, Hoog & Pagter Physician Exhaustion and Work engagement during the covid-19 pandemic: the role of resources and support interventions
Verhoef, De Ruiter, Van Vuuren & Blomme The mediating role of workability in the relationship between emotional exhaustion depersonalisation and absence duration and frequency
Van Zijl, Vermeeren, Koster & Steijn The team that makes professionals thrive: A multilevel study of team autonomy, information elaboration, transactive memory, and team learning to understand individual thriving in primary healthcare teams
Mostafa, Zaharie, Cai & Chen Servant leadership, prosocial impact and employee job performance in the public sector: The moderating role of person-job fit

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 12: Building resilient professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond
Building: Carré