We are happy to announce that the Advanced HRM course 2024 has begun. This PhD-level course is highly recommended for PhD students in the field of HRM. During the course, participants will learn about state-of-the-art insights about HRM. The course will also provide opportunities to connect to their peers and HRM scholars.

The aim of the course is to offer advanced insights into theories and models in the field of HRM. Its main focus is on individuals and groups in organisations and work settings, the utilization of human resources, and the economic and social environment impinging on organisations and human resources.

This year, we have 14 PhD students, predominantly from different universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The course started in February till June and will consist of 9 sessions hosted by multiple board members of the Dutch HRM Network. All sessions are organised on campus so that PhD students have the opportunity to meet each other and the professors and to visit a number of campuses.

The course is organised by Prof. Dorien Kooij and Dr. Aneeqa Suhail (Course Coordinator) of Tilburg University.