During the last two weeks both founding members of the Dutch HRM Network, professor Jaap Paauwe (Tilburg University) and Paul Jansen (VU Amsterdam), have officially said goodbye to their work at the university.

Professor Paauwe delivered his valedictory address at the Tilburg University with the title “Travelling the loop: Progressing well-being and performance at work”, in which he emphasized employee well-being and happiness as two important components of organizational performance. For his outstanding work, Paauwe received the Universiteitspenning (University Medal).

At the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam professor Paul Jansen held his valedictory lecture titled “beoordelen loont” or assessment pays off. Professor Jansen also received a Royal decoration out of the hands of mayor Jules Bijl – with that professor Jansen became Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau (Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau).

Professors Paauwe and Jansen initiated in the mid-nineties the establishment of the ‘HRM Netwerk’ or Dutch HRM Network with the intention to develop a research school for HR studies (see history). The founding members were initiators of the first Dutch HRM Network Conference in Rotterdam – after which every two years the International Conference was organized at universities that were part of the Network. They remained active board members until the 2010s.

As the board of the Dutch HRM Network we would like to reiterate our appreciation and thanks to Jaap and Paul for their outstanding work and we are looking forward to meeting them again at future conferences.

Photos professor Jaap Paauwe:

Photos Professor Paul Jansen: