Team and Organizational Resilience


De Vries & Van der Vegt Coping with cutbacks: The importance of team boundary spanning
Ivanovich, De Vries, Van der Vegt & Van Donk Tackling disruption overlap: A boundary spanning configural approach
Van Rensburg, Santos & De Jong The reciprocal relationships between team learning and shared mental modes
Van den Adel, De Vries & Van Donk Improving cross-functional teams' effectiveness during supply chain disruptions: The importance of information scouting and internal integration
Rodriguez, Procter & Perez Arrau We used to support the team, now we are part of the team: Resilience and agency in teamwork dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Track 21: Team and organizational resilience – Spanning boundaries to deal with disruptions