Societal Impact Competition

Competition for the best idea on how to improve the societal impact of HR research
Given that the topic of this year’s Dutch HRM Network Conference is on the societal impact of HRM, we would like to add a new element to the program. To promote the conference theme, we will organize a competition to look for the best idea on how to improve the societal impact of HR research. The format will be for researchers to submit a 750 word proposal to the conference committee. From the submitted proposals, a jury will select a total of 3 who will then be asked to pitch their idea on the final day of the Dutch HRM network conference. There will also be a discussion afterwards whereby the jury will pose questions to presenters followed by a collective discussion and debate. The winner of the best pitched idea will be decided by a jury of HR academics and HR practitioners and will receive a prize of €3,000 to be used in developing and implementing the proposed idea. The winner will also be exposed to media attention via a press release and other mediums to showcase their idea to the broader HR and business community.
What is the research idea?
The proposed idea and pitch will involve submitting and presenting, respectively, a concrete and original initiative on the best way to improve the societal impact of HR research. Ensuring HRM research has societal implications is a central prerogative of the Dutch HRM network and we invite participants to take part in this exciting initiative.
Who can submit a proposal?
PhD students and researchers in HRM can submit a proposal. Members of the Dutch HRM Network board cannot submit a proposal.  Proposals can be submitted by teams of at least two persons, Cooperation with other disciplines and universities is advantageous. 
What needs to be submitted?
A proposal of 750 words and after selection 'pitching' during the closing event of the Dutch HRM network conference (10 minutes per pitch, followed by 5 minutes Q&A). The criteria on which the proposals will be judged can be found below:

  • Originality
  • Expected Value and Impact
  • Feasibility

What can you win?
A prize of 3,000 euros will be awarded to the winner of the best pitch. This money must be spent on developing and/or implementing the idea of the proposal. Winners will be asked to reflect on how the prize was spent in implementing their idea at a later date. 

Deadline for submitting my application?
The societal impact proposal can be submitted to the secretary of the Dutch HRM network, Dr. Steven Kilroy until October 1st, 2019 to info@hrm-network.nl