Here you can find the expertise centers of the members of the Dutch HRM Network: 

// The People Management Centre (PMC) of Tilburg University is the Human Resource Studies institute for partnerships between industry and academia. The PMC is devoted to HR professionalisation in organisations. See the website for more information:

// The Expertise Centre HRM/OB of the University of Groningen aims to make scientific knowledge accessible for professionals within organizations so that they can solve practical problems based on scientific insights. See the website for more information

// The Amsterdam Center for Career Research (ACCR) is the expertise center of the department Management & Organisation (School of Business and Economics) of the VU Amsterdam. The ACCR conducts large-scale research how career determinants:individual factors such as personality, learning style and behaviour, and situational factors such as learning possibilities and policy, affect career outcomes such as salary growth, well-being and satisfaction. The policy of the ACCR is to make scientific knowledge accessible for professionals within organizations through publications (e.g., journal articles and books) and meetings (e.g., conferences and workshops). See the website for more information:

// The HRM department at the University of Twente is dedicated to cutting-edge research and teaching in Human Resource Management with a particular emphasis on the HRM, Technology and Innovation, in searching for developing partnership between HRM and UT faculty members, bachelor and masters students, and HR executives, in research and teaching. 

// The Department of Work and Organisation Studies (WOS) at KU Leuven is an interdisciplinary group of scholars with backgrounds in business, economics, psychology, sociology, and pedagogics, and is located on campuses in Antwerp, Brussels and Leuven (Belgium). The expertise center’s research unites different theoretical as well as methodological perspectives in studying work-related and organizational topics. More specifically, the center focuses on research regarding psychosocial well-being and organizational practices, policies and processes that affect the nature and conditions of work and work organization within society. See the website for more information

// The Institue for Management Research (IMR) is the research institute of the Nijmegen School of Management. The researchers aim to carry out state-of-the-art research into complex problems of governance and management, in order to explain the causes of these problems and to use that knowledge to create potential solutions. The IMR hosts researchers from business administration, economics and business economics, geography, planning and environmental sciences, and political science and public administration. The problems they study often call for a combination of knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines, and for collaboration with societal relevant actors. IMR aims to create knowledge for society.