*** Practical information ***

Hotel information

For the duration of the conference, we have made arrangements with several hotels in and around Nijmegen. To see the list of hotels we made arrangments with, please click here.

Travel information

The city of Nijmegen is easily accessible by car, train or bus from all parts of the country. For nation-wide travel, trains are the best option. There are several airports in the neighbourhood, so when planning your trip to Nijmegen check which airport is the most convenient for you. The IMR is located at the University campus and easily accessible by train, bus and car. There is a direct train connection between Nijmegen Central Station and Schiphol Airport (approximately 90 minutes).

For more information please consult: http://www.ru.nl/english/about-us/contact/how-get/

Conference venue

The venue of the conference will be the Institute for Management Research (IMR), Radboud University, Nijmegen. The (IMR) is the research institute of the Nijmegen School of Management. The researchers carry out state-of-the-art research into complex problems of governance and management, in order to explain the causes of these problems, and to use that knowledge to create potential solutions. The IMR hosts researchers from business administration, economics and business economics, geography, planning and environmental sciences, and political science and public administration. The problems they study often call for a combination of knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines, and for collaboration with societal relevant actors. IMR aims to create knowledge for society.

About Nijmegen

Anyone driving across the bridge into the centre of Nijmegen will understand why its 160,000 citizens are so proud of their city: the waterfront set against the backdrop of the city centre in the background is a splendid sight. Past and present go hand in hand; historic buildings are interspersed with fine examples of modern architecture.

Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is situated on a range of hills near the River Waal. The city has attracted people since its very foundation. The surrounding area features hills, woods and polders, creating a varied countryside offering a range of recreational opportunities to both citizens and tourists.

More information on: http://english.nijmegen.nl/visiting/sightseeing