*** Keynote speakers ***

Jaap Paauwe

Prof. dr. J. (Jaap) Paauwe is Professor of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and director of the People Management Centre. He has written and co-authored books on human resource management and published many articles in international refereed journals. In 2005 he received the Dutch HRM network Award for his book on HRM and Performance: achieving long term viability (OUP, June 2004). In 2012 he was listed 15th in the top 20 of most influential international thinkers in HR by the UK HR Magazine professional journal. Recently he edited together with David Guest and Patrick Wright the book:HRM and Performance: Achievements and Challenges (Wiley, 2013). His present research interests focus on:
-Strategic HRM, performance and well-being
-HRM and institutional theory
-HR functional excellence and -delivery
-Talent management
-HR Analytics

Next to Tilburg University he is also affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam and holds honorary professorships at North-West University (South Africa) and at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain).

Forthcoming: Jaap Paauwe and Elaine Farndale, Strategy HRM and Performance: A contextual approach, Oxford University Press, 2017 (November)


Michael Arthur

Professor Michael Arthur of Suffolk University, Boston, is a leading thinker about the nature of contemporary careers. His work includes the description and specification of boundaryless careers, intelligent careers and more recently sustainable careers. His talk will highlight potential conflicts between sustainable careers and sustainable HRM perspectives, and encourage rapprochement and a shared agenda for future professional efforts.