Call for Abstracts

10th Biennial International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network
“Sustainable HRM”
9 &10 November 2017
On behalf of the Dutch HRM Network:
Organized by the Institute for Management Research (IMR), Radboud University,  Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Deadline for abstract proposals:
1st of May 2017

The biennial conference of the Dutch HRM network conference welcomes all kinds of papers on the topic of HRM. In particular, this year’s Dutch HRM conference will have a special focus on Sustainable HRM. The need to link HRM to the issue of sustainability is apparent, however research on the topic is still scarce. And many research questions, theoretically and empirically, still need further exploration. Although several authors tried to define the concept of sustainable HRM, there is not yet consensus about the content and scope of the topic. As a result, we both need further theorizing of the topic and exploration of its practical implications.
The aim for the 10th International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network is to map efforts in linking HRM to sustainability and to bring together international scholars to reflect on the progress, to present state-of-the art current scholarly work in the field, and to define avenues for further research.
Call for abstracts
In this edition of the Dutch HRM Network Conference invite we invite participants to reflect on these, and related, questions. Conference submissions are preferably focused to, yet not per se limited to, the conference main theme. The conference covers the complete field of HRM research and abstract proposals from any subfield are considered (e.g. strategic HRM; HR practices; HRM outcomes; employer engagement; the employment relationship; talent management; leadership; workplace and job design; careers; employability; international, institutional, cultural and contextual issues in HRM; organizational behavior and HRM issues). The width of proposals received will determine the final list of conference subthemes.
Abstract proposals which explicitly or implicitly stimulate discussion around the central theme are especially welcome. Issues which could be referred to include, but are certainly not limited to the following conference subthemes:
1.      Careering Organizations.
2.      Changing Employer-Employee Relationships.
3.      Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Matters of sustainable HRM?
4.      Examining the intersection of Sustainable HRM and proactivity.
5.      Flexibility and entrepreneurialism in future labour markets; What about sustainability?
6.      From Digital to Smart HRM.
7.      HR Analytics: How numbers can help organizations achieve sustainability. 
8.      HRM and Innovation.
9.      HRM and the alignment of employee well-being and organisational performance.
10.         Inclusive HRM for vulnerable (potential) workers.
11.         Learning, development and talent management for sustainability.
12.         Managing the Sustainable Career: Who is Responsible for What?
13.         Performance Management & Sustainability.
14.         Principles and strategies for sustainable HRM.
15.         Recruitment & Selection for Meaningful Work.
16.         Sustainability and HRM: an international perspective.
17.         Sustainable HRM for all: A multi stakeholder perspective.
18.         Sustainable HRM for the public sphere.
19.         Sustainable HRM in healthcare organizations.
20.         Sustainable HRM: Sustaining Employee Motivation.
21.         Sustainable HRM: the measurement issue.
22.         Sustainable Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding.
23.         The Implementation and Value of Innovative HRM.
24.         The role of leaders and managers in (sustainable) delivery and outcomes of HRM.
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We look forward to meeting you at the 10th biennial International Conference of The Dutch HRM Network, 9 & 10 November 2017 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.