PHRESH: International network for PhD students in HRM and OB

The PhD Research community (pHResh) is a network for PhD students and scholars in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior.The pHResh network brings PhD students in the fields of HRM and OB together. We learn from each other by sharing our knowledge and experiences at events and online. Our roots lie in the Netherlands and Belgium as we have been supported by the Dutch HRM network from the start, but since 2010 the network has expanded its scope and now includes PhD students from universities all over Europe.

pHResh originally originated from the Dutch HRM network, but over the last couple of years the network has become more international and has established itself as a community for European PhD students in the field of HRM and OB. The pHResh network currently includes over 200 members from more than 20 different countries.

pHResh has extended experience in organizing doctoral consortia in Belgium/The Netherlands (e.g., Dutch HRM Network conference) as well as abroad (e.g., EAWOP). In doing so, pHResh aims to support and enhance knowledge exchange between doctoral researchers by connecting PhD students, leading scientists, and HR practitioners from all over Europe. Events are usually hosted by one of the universities in the Dutch HRM network and organized in close collaboration with PhD students of the respective university.
Contact and Membership
You can become a member of the pHResh community by simply joining our LinkedIn group. Should you have any question regarding pHResh, please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members. We hope to welcome you soon on our LinkedIn page and/or on any of our upcoming events!

On behalf of the pHResh board members,
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Advanced HRM Course

The aim of this course is to offer advanced insights, theories and models in the area of HRM. The core focus is on individuals and groups in organizations and work settings, the utilization of human resources, and the economic and social environment impinging on organizations and human resources. The faculty’s broad expertise range – from micro to macro – enables us to offer the PhD students an advanced programme which highlights the employment relationship as a core concept approached from a range of related (sub-)disciplines.

Sessions are held on 6 days in different universities across the Netherlands and Belgium

Information on the course can be obtained from:
Dr. Christina Meyers: 
Dr. Dorien Kooij: